Giving you the home you dream of while giving back to the world we love.

Post & Beam is a fresh, progressive design company focused on beautifying the spaces we do life in while also giving back to the world we love.  

Heather believes in the value of hard work and therefore the well-spent dollar. Her one-of-a-kind business model, with a heavy commitment to giving back, allows her clients to feel good about the dollars they spend transforming their homes because they know that their dollars are doing double time.

Design + giving back = a transformed home + heart.

Not only does Heather strive to procure product from well-vetted companies, who themselves give back by creating income and sustainability around the world through the manufacturing of their products, but she also gives a portion of all of Post & Beam’s proceeds to non-profits and organizations close to her heart.


Heather Beam

Heather and her family live in Richmond, Virginia.  She and her husband have six children; four of the homegrown variety and two through adoption.  

Over the course of the last several years, Heather has gone from being a stay-at-home-mom to pursuing her long-dormant creative gifts.  In her ‘former life’, she was a counselor for the deaf and hard of hearing.  After 13 years of pouring herself into the lives that fill her home, she was ready to look outward.  Yet, with all six children still at home, she knew she couldn’t go back to a full-time office job in counseling.  But more than that, her heart ached to journey towards something creative.  As a child, art was ‘her thing’, but, as a young adult, she didn’t know how to pursue it.  She went with other interests, psychology and deafness, and ended up very happily in the field of counseling.  

When presented with the opportunity to reinvent herself professionally and pursue her dreams creatively, she returned to her creative roots (and easel) and shortly thereafter began Post & Beam.  

Heather knew this couldn’t be just a business venture.  After experiencing the world a bit and having her heart broken for vulnerable children, she knew her business model had to have a focus on giving back.  She couldn’t be more thrilled to support great mission-minded companies while also giving back to the two non-profits that loved her two children until she could.